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Random Stuff

The Invisible Hand: A Chicago Introspection

In 2004, Andrew Francis, Pablo Peña and I interviewed several faculty members at the Department of Economics of the University of Chicago for the graduate student skit show. The professors did not know the questions beforehand and graciously provided fun entertainment. Click the link for the video

5th Workshop on Consumer Search and Switching Costs

In 2014, Matthijs Wildenbeest, Michael Rauh and I organized the 5th installment of the search workshop. Since the original workshop organized by Jose-Luis Moraga-Gonzales in 2009, the workshop has been very successful bringing together theorists and empirical researchers, including very promising graduate students, to present their latest work on consumer search. The workshop has been held so far seven times around the world, including the Netherlands, Russia, China, and the US. For a look to all the workshops programs visit this page.